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Wayne Walsh and The WiseWe Company 

How Can We Help You?

My Name is Wayne Walsh, and I'm CEO of The WiseWe Company, providing coaching/consulting, training, events and operations partnerships for you and your company.

My team and I provide the superpower of operational support to fast growing companies and have a stellar track record. 

We specialize in setting up and managing Salesforce Help Desks that turn a flurry of emails into a clear, organized system that helps you respond to customers fast and manage projects.

We also can help you setup Sales Funnels (better than websites) to continue sharing new and existing products and services with your customers.

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Build momentum at an event

Join our challenge, summit or other event to start building the momentum that you need to kickstart your business, idea or project.

 We'll inform and challenge you on the topics of sales, sales funnels, marketing, social media, operations, project management, customer service, operations and/or much more! 

These are some of the critical areas of your business where a little focus and commitment can go along way in propelling your business towards your goals.


Coach/consult me through it

Wayne Walsh is able to work with select clients to help push their business forward. Executives of fast growing companies can turn to consulting by Wayne Walsh. 

Through this powerful offering, take your business to the next level by examining strategy, goals, action steps, projects and more. 

As an add-on we can analyze your online presence and help build Sales Funnels (better than websites) to give your customers a path to purchase new and existing products.



Empower your team with virtual training. Now more than ever employees need the support of their organization and vice versa.

 Organizations need employees who are super focused, dedicated and skilled too. We provide virtual training on customer service and project management that any and everyone can and should be doing. 



We work with a select few companies where there is alignment and mutual interest. We do have the ability to setup and manage salesforce help desks for customer service and project management. 

This helps in turning  a flurry of email and communication into an organized system providing peace of mind for our clients.

"Wayne and The WiseWe Company have been a strong partner helping us to achieve continued growth..."

Our company continues to grow and utilizes Wayne and his team to support the growth. We would highly recommend the services and solutions that Wayne and his team can provide businesses and would welcome any calls to further detail our support.

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